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I've got a support ticket open for this at the Customer Center (since 11/2), but I thought I'd throw this up here, too.

I was surprised to see the Ikarus T3 engine as version in OA++ which I installed a few weeks ago, run as a trial for 28 days then registered. had been current for some months and I was expecting an eventual update to but failed to see that happen as of this posting.

Today Ashampoo A-M updated from 107 to 109. If you run/update the free Emsisoft Emergency Kit today you'll get 109. Ikarus has available 109 for its free command line app.

While I fully understand and support Emsisoft's OA++ roadmap with respect to its own current version 6 engine and an inevitable next-gen Ikarus (T4?) engine, I don't believe it's too much that 109 be pushed out to OA++ users. Especially in consideration that OA++ is still offered for sale at Emsisoft (http://www.emsisoft..../software/oapp/) and marketed at sites like Softpedia, FreebieST and Downloadcrew. I don't believe this would in any way detract by much from the work being done now toward a highly anticipated "new common code base" replacement for EISP.

1) Can we expect 109 to be pushed out to OA++ any time soon? As in maybe next week the latest?

2) If one manually replaces the 103 dll with 109, will that "break" anything?

Thank you!

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Not quite sure why the silence on this posting or why it felt like I was pulling teeth over at [email protected] but today I got a resolution: "Hello, the current version of the t3.dll in Online Armor++ is The update was released yesterday." But no comment or answer to my inquiry on commitment to future updates of engine.dll or t3.dll and I've run out of energy to persue that - anyone here care to elucidate?

OA++ customers should check their A2 folder for the file version date in Properties under the Details or Version tab. Since I successfully updated T3 myself (via method beyond the scope of this posting), I can't report if the push is actually occurring though I have no cause to think otherwise.

There are three legitimate reasons why I'm so concerned about the engine updates:

1) Ikarus and Ashampoo deemed it necessary to update the T3 engine, as did Emsisoft for Anti-Malware (v5 & v6) and Emergency Kit. It is therefore necessary for OA++.

2) A new installation of OA++ having a T3 engine from April is OK but not receiving an update is not OK. As a reminder, as per the CEO:

Current roadmap is that we'll not continue engine development for OA++, but we're still providing updates for the old engine. So far so good, no impact for current customers expected.
I reiterate that it is not my expectation, nor will it ever be, that OA++ be developed out to the new a2engine.dll or a next iteration of Ikarus. I do expect that updated versions of the current engine.dll and t3.dll be pushed out until the time that Emsisoft deems it to be to their advantage in the marketplace to phase out OA++.

3) In October I had a sample of a file identified at that time as trojan.win32.jorik.IK by Emergency Kit, Ashampoo, Virus Total (T3 v1.1.107.0 & Emsisoft) and Hitman Pro (Ikarus & A2). However, as of November 1 OA++ (T3 v1.1.103.0 or the A2 v? engine) did not detect it which prompted opening a ticket with [email protected] on November 2.

Aside: I had not tracked the Emsisoft engine through this period but my OA++ and Emergency Kit versions are both at the current file version 5.10.11.

Thank you for allowing me this venue to present my perspective (though not as "interesting" as the one from ruirib.) Cheers.

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Thank you for your personal attention to my thread.

While I appreciate there must be a timely delay before you push out an updated T3 engine, my original inquiry was about the version engines beginning with my support ticket opened November 2. The .109 arrived coincidentally during that discussion which prompted the opening of this thread on November 11.

My point was that the v5.1.0.1331 setups I downloaded almost two months ago installed OAP and OA++ with a T3 engine at least six months old. And it remained that way even after I activated my ++ license and while OA itself went through two updates. (Yes, as far as I know OAP makes no use of either engine, but your installer nonetheless builds an A2 directory wherein they reside.)

In re-reading these posts I do notice your use of "the old engine" (singular) which may imply you planned to support only engine.dll and abandon t3.dll. This would be a logical conclusion considering the T3 versions from .103 to .107 were never published.

Can you please assure us updates for both engines will be published up until the time you retire OA++?


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