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PC Pro free 1 year licence doesn't work.

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Hi, I'm in the UK and just purchased the January 2012 edition of PC Pro magazine. It currently offers a free 1 year licence of Online Armor Premium. When I click the link from the magazine coverdisk to go to the address, it takes me to Emsisoft's purchase page instead. I realise something is amiss here as I have registered a few other applications from this coverdisk and they all worked fine. There seems to be something wrong at Emsisoft's end as it won't accept the URL that this offer relates to.

I don't want to publish the URL here as it is provided with the magazine. Could someone who works for Emsisoft PM me or email me to tell what is happening. I bought the magazine for this licence and being directed to the page to purchase it makes it feel like an intentional con. Of course, it can't be so I need some help sorting this.

Many thanks,


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