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How do I reverse having accidently blocked my "microsoft word"

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If you can see an entry in History where Word has been blocked, you can click on the filename hyperlink in the pane below to be taken directly to the entry where you can click the "Allow" button to allow it again. It's necessary to first have "Hide Trusted" unticked in the Programs and Autoruns section etc for the link to work correctly iin cases where the program is Trusted.

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Thank you again,

I have you checked the Programs list for Blocked entries, and it doesn't show up there. I have also tried opening it up and armour blocks it. If I close out the internet and turn off armour, then I can open Word. It was on 10/15 when I accidently blocked it. I then that very day open armour, found it in history and tried to unblock it and I couldn't. The system would not allow me to.


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