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by, Delay in opening the program

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There are several problems with the new version. (I think these problems are from , because by beta update to these problems occurred)

The main problem is the delay in implementing the program. by clicking on the emsisoft icon, The program open with a delay.

This problem has been reported by several customer, I have prepared a film of problem:

emsisoft open after 02':30" !!!!


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I have the same exact problem, long delay when opening the app ( to scan files or just open security status center (really annoying about 15 second delay) and I'm on fast OCZ SSD with an i7 (Win7x64 SP1) so you can really feel the delay. Any word on a fix and its ETA? Illuminati, is it even worth uninstall and reinstalling? Or better to just wait a few days for fix? Thanks guy!

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i took a rather unorthodox approach to temp solve the issue, i uninstalled the app, restarted, ran ccleaner, and went to http://filehippo.com/download_emsisoft_anti_malware/ and downloaded the older version .44 - after install and definitions update it clearly updated to .46, but opening the app has reduced from 30 seconds to about 3-4 seconds... a better question is, is it possible to install .44 from link above and NOT have it auto update the app? I can careless about the all the application updates. everything was working perfect at .44 and earlier versions, why are there so many final non-beta updates>? do the emsisoft guys know how proper dev, test, fix, dev, test, fix release cycle is supposed to work prior to a final non-beta release? rookies

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Hi, I was having the same delay issues with version

For me it took more than 2 minutes before opening the

normal status window (or any feature opened from the

status bar icon) and would use more than half the processor time.

Now it takes less than 15 seconds for me //

So this new release ( seems to have fixed that

Thank you guys :)

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