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Two Question on Online Armor

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I just want to ask a couple of ques:

Is the current Online Armor compatible with BufferZone Pro, cause I seen on their site saying the 2 are not compatible with one another but has anyone try the 2 programs together at the same time. I would like to try out BufferZone pro without uninstalling Online Armor. It would be nice if Emsisoft Online Armor developers can try it out and let be know if they are compatible or not.

Second question, does Online Armor free have Host File Protection, to notify me if my host files are being tamper with.

Thank You


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Yes, OA has Hosts File Protection, You can read about it here http://www.emsisoft....a/KF-Hosts.html and see some screenshots here http://www.emsisoft....o/oa/Hosts.html

With regards to BufferZone, the most recent information I could find (other than on the incompatibility page on their sites which does clearly state they aren't compatible), is from September 2010 here http://www.trustware...2&t=2986&p=5805 It seems to indicate that installing them together may cause blue screens and possibly other issues with Bufferzone not working properly. Looking at the thread, it appears that the issue is on BufferZone's end. The Redlight.sys referred to in the blue screen belongs to BufferZone and the support representative said they would let the person know when they are compatible. You might want to raise this on BufferZone's forum.

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Hi Catprincess, Thank you for your help. I try sometime to raise this issue to BufferZone's forum as there help forum seems slow or pretty much dead, and I wonder if they had fix up the compatible issue between their program and OA as they release a new version about a couple of months ago I think.

And one more question Cat, do you know if OA free HIPS protects the Registry from malware infections.

And if OA free does not provide Registry protection, do you think some program like MJ Registry Watcher is useful together with OA free. But I got to say that I am not an expert on the Registry stuff, so you think that program could do more harm to my PC than protect me.


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OA Free has registry protection, however there are only actual alerts for Autoruns. Other important registry locations are taken care of by OA without user intervention.

In the paid version of OA, there is a Registry Shield that allows you to configure your own registry locations that you wish to protect.

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