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OA libre - Graphiques absents après M.A.J.

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Win XP-SP3, EDIT : Antivir Free GData Antivirus 2012

Ayant des problèmes avec l'anglais, je passe par Google traduction, soyez indulgents avec ma prose :)

Je viens de faire une mise à jour d'OAFree vers la version et j'ai perdu l'affichage graphique des entrées/sorties des données.

J'ai rebooté le PC sans effet.


Si vous avez une idée ?



Having problems with English, I go through Google translation, be indulgent with my prose:)

I just made an update to version OAFree and I lost the graphical display of input / output data.

I rebooted the PC without effect.

If you have an idea?

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Hello andrewf,

Thank you for your response, the output of: ting "sc query TermService" is ...

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]

© Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp..

C: \ Documents and Settings \ dD> sc query TermService





WIN32_EXIT_CODE: 1077 (0x435)




Nothing has been changed / updated since the update!

I must be away earlier this afternoon, I would return later .. merci.

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Please set this service to start automatically ;)

A big thank you, it works :) but, having made ​​no changes in service during or after the update to OA I do not understand!

My problem is resolved, a good day ...

EDIT : Can not edit my first post to add [solved]?

How do I do? thank you

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Maybe you Used Some Kind of optimization tool or Something like that?

No, I'm updating (the v worked perfectly), and after reboot the display was gone. None of download I have used in the interim.

All's well that neither well. Again thank you for your help.

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Well... dunno how it happened) at least OA doesn't modify this service's params.

Hi Andrey,

Could you please tell me if this services is required by OA to be "Started"?

In my system Termservice is set to Manual (XP default configuration) and it is somehow automatically started. I'm asking because recently I was thinking about disabling it.

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Thank you, Andrey.

I didn't mean to hijack this thread. Simply I thought I was still on topic because with my request I wanted to avoid getting the same problem as the OP. However, it seems I was wrong.

I'm sorry, will not happen again.



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