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about a Trojan (Win32.Diple)

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Hi all,

Today I went to one of the computer markets and found out some computers have been infected

with a Trojan that immediately transfers to a flash memory when attaches to the computers and makes *.exe files in it.

The system was previously installed the free version of Emsisoft anti-malware, but had not been updated in the past 2 months. Scanning the computers with this version wasn’t detected any Trojans.

I brought the files to home and scanned them with the latest version of Emsisoft anti-malware and “Win32.Diple” type Trojan was identified.

I’ve attached them in a ZIP file.

I want to know the infection was simply because of this Trojan or other Trojan may be in between?

And when the updates fot this trojan was added to the anti-malware software? Because “” Version was not able to identify them.

Thank You.

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If the systems have no active protection, that is a huge problem. Normally, public use systems are infected during online browsing and the use of infected portable removable media, by the public, such as an USB Flash drive.

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