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I can't get emsisoft malware off my computer to download again

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I've been having problems for the last week as Emsis Malware was not opening. I tried uninstall and my computer still says it's on there. I downloaded the cleaning tool but it won't work as it states I don't have authorization to open. The initial problem started after I did a clean boot to download Family Tree Maker 20012 from Ancestry.com. I have had previous versions on along with malware with no problem. After I opened FTM a couple times it froze and I had to do a hard shut down. Then Emisoft said there was a major problem which was why it didn't open.

I do not have regcure, or Microsoft Suite operating any longer.

I would like someone who can help me to respond? Thanks!


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If you need this info to help, the program is Windows 7 home premium service, track 1, 32 bit, 3.00GB, Celeron R Dual Core Processor from Dell.

I'm not seeing my question in the forum although it's been read. Not sure why?


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Can you please download the tool again from here:


Then please run it, carefully read the disclaimer and accept it in case you agree. You should then see a list of entries the tool found on your system. At this point do not click remove yet but close the application instead. A report file (EmsiClean_XXXX.XX.XX_XX.XX.XX.txt where X is replaced by values corresponding to the current date and time) should be generated at this point. Please attach that file to your next reply. The file attachment options can be found after clicking the "More Reply Options" here in the forum.

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The computer I was using crashed and I had to take it in to be erased and programs reinstalled. I also gave them my Ancestry 12 CD to see if it had a problem when it was loaded. The laptop is coming back to me today with MS Security Suite on it. I know that's not enough but should I be trying to download Malware 6 on it again or go back to the former Malware program. It was not causing issues. Is E6 a Beta program? If so, could I wait til the bugs are out to download it?

Any thoughts are welcome as I don't want to crash again.



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