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RDC problems with Windows Server 2000

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We are running Online Armor on a Windows 2000 Server and everything is working fine except the Remote Desktop Connection. Since we installed Online Armor the RDC sessions are terminated in exactly 5 minutes. Is there a setting we can adjust on Online Armor to remove this RDC time limitation?


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Hello Brooks,

Unfortunately Online Armor does not support server operating systems. It was supporting Windows 2000 Server in the past, but the support for this system was dropped long time ago.

Btw, please include the information requested in the http://support.emsisoft.com/forum-53/announcement-11-information-to-include-in-your-support-requests/

another "btw": you can set the firewall logging to "blocked events" at Options->Firewall and then inspect the firewall log for blocked events.

Another way is to take a look at the history, but most likely the firewall log will tell more)

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