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By far the most annoying firewall - installation mode, trust program, remember my decision, none works

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I've gone through 3 firewalls just in the last 4 months. Zonealarm froze my computer, Comodo rebooted it. So far, Online armor seemed to work well. Until I try to install something.

I'm a biochemistry student, and I need to work with some molecule drawers, so I downloaded Avogadro to try instead of ChemSketch and wow... I got at least 10 pop-up windows, and I'm pretty sure I got more, but at a certain point I gave up and shut down OA. In ALL I ticked "installation mode", "trust this program" and "remember my decision". First of all it's completely useless to have all these 3 synonimous options, which should make the same thing: stop bugging me about this program. Surprisingly, they all fail at this. So I get prompted with numerous different .dll files which Avogadro tries to open, even though I have put it on Allowed - so even though they're different files, the parent program is always Avogadro.exe, which is set to Allow. It's actually sad that in the UI Avogadro shows up as Allowed and still in the back the pop-ups keep coming. Does OA have some sort of learning disability? What's the point of having 3 similar options if apparently none of them works?

Another thing is with avast. I have told it to Allow avast pretty much everytime I turn my computer on, and yet every time OA must think I might have changed my mind. When I go to the UI, even though I have set avast to Allow, it shows "Ask". Same thing with CoreTemp: allowed numerous times, get prompted everytime with the same question. Maybe not only a learning disability, but a bit of Alzheimer's too.

I'm sorry for sounding arrogant, I know this is freeware and you don't owe me anything, but I'm exhausted of firewalls. I can't keep searching for something that will miraculously just leave me alone. If this keeps on, I'll give up and just use Microsoft Security Essentials. I'm not getting rid of avast because it works amazingly, and has never given me any trouble. I have to say though, OA has some awesome stuff like the network monitor.

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Hello Lizardking,

Could you please tell us the information requested at http://support.emsis...pport-requests/

Thanks in advance,

Of course, sorry I didn't do so initially:

I'm using Online Armor Free Edition version My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit version, no service pack. I'm also using avast! anti-virus, Super Anti Spyware and CCleaner.

I have problems with avast! and Core Temp mostly, because those are the programs that OA still prompts me about even though I have clicked on all those 3 seemingly identical options numerous times, but basically with anything that tries to initiate for the first time will make OA prompt, again even if all 3 boxes are checked. What is the difference between "remember my answer", "trust this program" and "installation mode"?

Now with Avogadro I get prompted about several .dll files being used and they ALL have the same parent program, avogadro.exe, which I have ticked 3 boxes as usual. Also, I've ticked "trust this program" on many programs which still show up in the Programs tab (which shouldn't happen if OA trusts a program right?).

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I don't have SP1 because my Windows Updater somehow doesn't find it when I make it search for updates, and it's hard to manually download it since it's an almost 1GB download through wi-fi. Anyway I'll try to download it.

I have excluded avast from OA and so far it seems to work. I can't find any option to set avogadro as an installer.

Oh and OA doesn't seem to update either. I click on "update now", it tells me it's updating, then it's not, then it is again, then it's not, and so forth.

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I'm using Online Armor Free Edition version

Since you are running an older version, I'd recommend updating to the latest version, You can download it here http://www.online-ar...m/downloads.php It would probably be best to uninstall your current version, reboot twice and then install the latest version, though you can try an upgrade install by just running the installer and selecting "Upgrade install" when prompted.

PS...To set a program as an installer, double click the program in the Program's list and tick the "Installer" box as shown here http://www.emsisoft.com/en/info/oa/Programs.html#advanced

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I'm giving up on Online Armor. The update button on the UI doesn't work. It send out seemingly infinite pop-ups about the exact. same. program. that I've allowed in every single pop-up before. Now it won't start on start up and slows my windows start up to a dead halt. I have to end the processes through task manager. I'm simply sick of this. It seems to be impossible to design a firewall that will just limit itself to start on start up, block unwanted connections and whenever I say a certain application is allowed, to allow it. I should know thanks to the ammount of firewalls I've tried so far. Goodbye online armor.

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