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I am running Windows XP SP3 (32bit) and other security-related software which includes: MS Security Essentials, Spybot S&D, Ad-Aware Pro, and Mamutu.

I launched OA5 today, and the update (to OA5.1 ) started automatically and seemed to go to completion (i.e., the update now shows as having been done today).

Three issues. 1). With OA5.1 running, I am unable to access the Internet -- I just get blank pages until I shut OA5.1 down!

2). On the OA Status/Home Page, the version number still shows "5.0" (not 5.1) after re-launching.

3). Also on the Status/Home Page, the "Web Shield" is shown as "Off".

Any one have an explanation or suggested "fixes"??

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Hello Koosharem,

Looks like something went wrong during update. You can try what hackerman1 suggests to do.

Please also make sure your security software is excluded from each others' control.

Hi andrewf,

Not sure what you mean by: " excluded from each others' control."

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hackerman1 & andrewf --

Thank you both for your help! I did the uninstall/download OA5.1/ and install, and it all went without a hitch!! Solved all 3 "Issues" !!! :)

you are welcome, i´m glad i could help you.

i have also had problems previously with OA, i "upgraded" to OA 5.1...

the solution then was to uninstall OA and do a "normal" fresh install of OA 5.1.

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