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How do I unblock something that I blocked on Online Armor? I am afraid that I blocked Windows Installer and that Windows is going to deactivate off my computer. Can this actually happen? Why would a firewall program block Windows? Can someone help me?

I mentioned this in the other topic I had started a few days ago but thought I would start a new topic - I apologize for any duplication.

I found the history section in the Online Armor Screen and the place where it was blocked. There are three red colored lines but I don't know how to unblock them.

And actually only one will let me copy it to clipboard.

Created: 11/29/2011 7:04:18 PM

Summary: Autorun detected: w_1^VW!!!!!!!!!MKKSkCAGFiles>[8GS]1y6g?~-BFo1MWLR

Description: w_1^VW!!!!!!!!!MKKSkCAGFiles>[8GS]1y6g?~-BFo1MWLR

Event type: Autorun(10)

Event action: Blocked(3)

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Hi Marcelle,

I think ctrlaltdelete already helped you out with the Windows activation issue in your other thread. There should be nothing to worry about if you follow his instructions to check out whether it's activated yet or still needs activating.

With regards to the Autoruns, it's very common for Microsoft Office to use strange letters like that for it's Autoruns and considering you had just installed Office when OA's Program Guard wasn't active and therefore wouldn't have detected them until you next started it, this is almost certainly what they are related to. If you click the filename hyperlink in the pane below the history entry, you should be taken to the appropriate entry in OA where you can then unblock it (make sure you have "Hide Trusted" unticked in the Autoruns section of OA first).

Just to note though, accidently blocking Microsoft Office autoruns would in no way cause Windows to need reactivating :)

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