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Interpreting OA5.1 Programs Status Window

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There are 13 items shown as "User is Asked" and 6 as "Automatically Allowed"; 5 of these 6 have a gray "overlay". I have 3 questions:

1). What is the meaning of the gray vs the yellow overlay?

2). Why are 6 of the 19 items "Auto-allowed" when all 19 are listed as Trust Level "Unknown" in the far right col?

3). What is the difference between "Allow" & "Trust" options/buttons in the lower part of the window?

See the attachment for a "screen grab" of this window.

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Hello Koosharem,

1) The gray color means the file is absent (deleted or is not accessible by other means like it's a currently not available remote file, etc.)

The other overlay you're referring to is actually orange (if it's the color from the screenshot attached to your post) and it means "Unknown" Trust Status.

If you're referring to the real yellow color - it means that the entry with this background is an installer.

2) It depends on the circumstances the entries were detected.

3) The Allow button changes the "Allow type" of the selected entries to "Allow". This means that the related program/module will be allowed to run/load.

The "Trust" button changes the "Trust type" of the selected entries to "Trusted". A trusted program will not be asked about different functions monitored by OA,

though you can still block a trusted program from starting.

btw, hope you'll find useful the webhelp located at:


Additionally you can access a smaller local version of the webhelp (starting from OA version by clicking the "Help" link in the OA's GUI (located at the bottom-right corner of the header image).

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Thank you for your patience in answering each of my questions. And, and even "bigger" thank you for your hints about using webhelp! It is ALL THERE !! :thumbs:

I guess I panicked when I opened "Programs" and saw all those "User is asked" entries after only a couple of days of running OA5.1 -- and I hadn't gotten very many pop-ups. My first impulse was to "go to the forum"! So, I'll "read & study " first in the future. There sure is a lot to learn before I feel confident in managing this program properly.

My best regards!

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