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Why Doesn't OA Like Directory Opus?

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I've been using a highly respected Windows Explorer replacement called Directory Opus for years. Some of that time has been along with OA, generally problem-free, until recently. When installing the latest version of Opus, and the most recent version of OA, I started getting all kinds of red background warnings from OA about virus concerns and malware, etc. There must have been at least ten popups during the Opus install. Just so you know, my copy of Opus is legit, downloaded from their website, with a valid license.

The problem is that now Opus doesn't want to seem to run very well in spite of having given permissions to any pop ups I received from OA. I'm getting all sorts of lags, freezes, and other difficulties that are making computing difficult. OA didn't not like Opus before, its just something that started on your most recent version of OA. I assume its some mistaken security concern related to Opus' tinkering with Explorer. I tried just turning off HIPS in OA to see if that would relieve the problem, but something is still off, and I would prefer to keep HIPS running anyway since there was never a problem before with running these two programs together.

Any idea what I might be able to do to resolve this? Anything OA can do on your end that would stop seeing Opus as a threat?


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Hey catprincess, thanks for your response. YES, I marked everything related to directory opus as being trusted. Checked that at the first sign of difficulty. I still think the problem seems to involve OA interpreting Directory Opus as some sort of malware. Not sure why that would be, but man, it is frustrating the heck out of me.

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hey catprincess, thanks for your interest in helping me sort this out.

Opus does start to work normally if I shut down OA. In fact, it starts to work normally if I just shut down HIPS in OA, and leave on the rest. I can't honestly say I fully understand all the entries on the OA History page, but I am seeing quite a few related to Opus. Unfortunately, I can't copy and paste the messages at the bottom of that section, I have to manually start typing them, so here's just a few examples... maybe they mean something to you, and help tip you off on what's going on.

OADriver: CreateProcessEx, PID: 2876 - Deny (rule)

2676 - dopus.exe

OADriver: ResumeThread 2676 -> 2574/2448 - Deny (rule)

2524 - dopus.exe

2676 - dopusrt.exe

OAdriver : ResumeThread, 1128 -> 1544/3260 - Deny (rule)

1128 - dopusrt.exe

1544 - dopus.exe

I've pretty much given every permission to dopus and dopusrt I can give with the exception of internet access which for security purposes I deny (in and out) to almost all the applications on my computer. Due to that, I'm not sure what rule is being referred to in these history entries. Mean anything to you? I can start typing out more of them if it would be helpful.

thanks again, would love to sort this one out.

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hey andrewf, here you go. It came out a bit on the tiny side -- let me know if you are having difficulty reading it, and I will re-do the capture.

thanks for your interest in helping out.

If you are having trouble reading the entries, they are:





here, decided to make life simpler and just re-do it now....


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sorry andrewf, one more question regarding these logs....

I see several different types of logs ranging from a few kb's up to 30 mb. Here are some of the names, which ones would support want? Do you want them all?

FW1112130051.log (--note: there are about ten of them with names similar to this...)




SYSTEM(0)_NT AUTHORITY_OAcat_20111214-1106(984).log

SYSTEM(0)_NT AUTHORITY_oasrv_20111214-0219(996).log

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