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Question about Banking Mode

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Question about Banking Mode...

I have entered all the sites where sensitive info will be accessed, into the "Domains" section.

Chrome is the browser I use. Chrome is used exclusively for banking and transactions - nothing else.

When I try to start Chrome in Banking Mode, the page won't load - like what would be shown if you tried to connect while offline. I read about issues between OA and Chrome, but Chrome will load with no problem in Standard or Advanced Mode. I also tried to start Internet Explorer in Banking Mode with the same results. Now, that being said, while in Banking mode, I've right-clicked on a domain and selected "Learn" and a browser window will sucessfully open - so that part works.

What browser is this?

How do I get Chrome to function in Banking Mode?

How do I get Chrome to function in "Learn" mode?

What is "Protected Mode" and how does it differ from "Trusted"?

Thank you

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Hello Adventureman,

as i can see you are using sandbox with Chrome.

Please have a lock at this thread.

There you can find two article"Google Chrome is unable to connect if used in Sandboxie" and also a Workaround/Solution for that problem.

I think you have already found this article because you said that you have read about issues between OA and Chrome already.

But there is also an article with the headline "Online Armor Banking Mode will not work with anti-virus applications that use proxies for content filtering if that anti-virus application is excluded in Online Armor" Maybe the problem is because of your AV program avast ?

May you try the workaround you can find in the thread mentioned above and write back if chrome is working now ?

In banking mode, the Online Armor Firewall will prevent your computer from connecting to any site which is not Trusted or Protected.

Trusted – Trusted domains are known to be safe and are allowed to be accessed in any mode.

Protected – Protected domains are domains such as your banking site, that are known to be safe, but may be the subject of phishing scams. Online Armor uses the DNS checker to protect you from being mis-directed to phishing domains that are made to look like your Protected domains. Protected domains are allowed to be accessed in any mode.

You can read more in our online help -> http://www.emsisoft.com/en/info/oa/Domains.html

Hope I could help.

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Ok, I don't have any issues with Chrome/Sandboxie while in Standard or Advanced Mode because the problem was fixed in Online Armor 5.1 and later. I'm using vs 5.1. Thanks to your links for help reference, I discovered Avast uses WebShield HTTP proxy, which will not allow Chrome or IE to access the internet when in Banking Mode. The work-a-round was to add Avast's WebShield HTTP proxy address to Domains. Now I can connect with Chrome/Sandboxie while in Banking Mode!! I never would have figured that out on my own!

Thank you Thomas for the help!!

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