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a-squared/ Host Rules/Entry removal

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I am using a- squared antimalware and over the past week or so my family have been using the PC and that when a-squared came up with a warning of a potentially unsafe site they have been playing safe and clicked on “deny”, - such that I now find that the “Host Rules” of a-squared antimalware is full of websites and explains as to why I could not access sites that I could previously. I have removed the rules for sites that I know are OK. The question I would pose is:-Could I safely delete all of the sites contained in the “Host Rules” safely and then expect a-squared to ask as to deny or not when attempting to access those same websites gain?

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Hi wunay, and welcome to the new forum

Sure, if you will remove rules re: websites in questions, a2 will warn you again and you will make all decisions necessary

At the same time that may be not precisely the set of all sites “denied” previously by members of your family

Since a2 is using hpHosts file management, the content may or may not be changed compare to the time the sites were denied.

You can double-check by downloading fresh hpHosts here

When you unZIP the file you can just search for the sites in question in HOSTS.txt and then you decide which sites you want to allow by changing Surf Protection rules in case those sites are still listed as unsafe.

I hope I got your question correctly

My regards

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Hi, wunay, welcome to the forum

The sites that have generated alerts are included in the HP Hosts list that EMSI licenses for use in A-Squared Anti-Malware. These sites are known to be malicious in nature or promote the distribution of malware or other undesirable material.

You can discover more about any particular site by visiting HP Hosts here:


If you feel that a site has been listed in error, you can contact the owner of the site who will have the option to contact the owner of HP Hosts and request that their site be removed from the HP Hosts blacklist.

In the meantime, if you need to access previously blocked sites or you find that sites are not working properly because elements have been blocked, you should do as you have described in your post. Once you have removed the rules, visit the sites you want to use and choose an appropriate action from the choices presented to you in the resulting dialog.

Please post back if you have any further questions.



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