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Windows Firewall will not start - will OA function?

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Windows 7, 64 bit Home premium, Emsisoft trial anti-virus

My windows firwall will not start due to BFE service not starting (error 5 - no access).

Will OA firewall work wile the windows firewall is unable to start?

I use the internet and connect another PC to printers on this PC through a hard-wired network.


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OA doesn't require the WIndows Firewall in order to work (it will be turned off when OA is installed), however, the malfunctioning service highly likely will as it's not only needed for only the Windows Firewall. Did the problem with this service start after installing EAM or was it already a problem? If it occurred after installing EAM, then I'd suggest you post in the EAM section and see if someone has any ideas.

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Thanks for the reply catprincess, I think I got hosed by some virus but after installing EAM it found quite a few so i don't know which one "did the deed"..

Before trying OA I used Tweaking.com's windows repair and the BFE service and windows firewall started after that

BUT I have gone ahead and installed the trial version of OA now. If everything works out I will pay for the full versions of EAM & OA.

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