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I got a special $8 license offer EMAIL and thought I would be able to extend my current License subscription but instead my current license was gone & instead of extending my current license, I just got a new 1 YR license and my current license time was GONE, how do I add my new license to extend my current license? Please Explain!

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The same thing happened to me. I sent a support email and, incredibly, got a response saying, effectively, "Sorry - you're out of luck! New customers only! Sucker!"

I will not take this laying down. How could they treat paying customers like this? The offer was DISPLAYED ON MY SOFTWARE!!!!! My PAID software!

I'm furious. If I don't get satisfaction I will plaster news of this on every security forum on the planet.

I'm simply shocked that they would risk a public relations debacle like this.

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As previously stated in several other threads, the offer mainly intends to attract new customers. That's why this promo includes only new 1 year licenses. However, you're free to use a new bought license key on a later point of time too (10 monaths after purchase max). That means you can keep your old license until it expires and THEN switch to the new key. Note that the license period starts with first use of the key.

Existing customers have other benefits like the referral rewards program which allows you to get a free full version license easily by referring 12 new trial downloads/installations per year. Or the incremental discount up to -50% for renewals every year.

Regarding displaying the offer on paid software: We thought it might be worth displaying it to all people because right now short before christmas people might use the offer to buy a package for their friends or relatives.

Please don't blame us for making an offer. No antivirus software vendor could survive with $8 pricing on the long run. This is a very special one time promo that will not be repeated soon.

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Hi Christian,

I understand the $8 pricing is VERY LOW but I think I was lead to believe by your EMAIL that it was because of 8 years in business and I got the email for being a good customer and was getting a special offer. No where in that email did it say 1st time customers, very very misleading advertising.

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