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Forgetting Settings

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Lately, Online armor forgets any new programs I run after a system reboot. It seems to remember them as long as I'm logged in, but as soon as I reboot my computer, and try to run the programs again, it prompts me about a programs behavior. So when I reboot and run Mumble, for example, it will prompt and ask me if I want to run mumble and then prompt to ask if I want to run the thirty or so dll files mumble uses as plugins for games. Very annoying. I also cannot install mouse drivers, as OA forgets, once the system reboots, that I've given the program permission to run and auto-start.

I'm using Online Armor version

Windows 7 64-bit

I do not run any active security software other than OA. I have malwarebytes installed, but I use it on demand only.

I'm not sure if this is relevant, but I run truecrypt with the system drive fully encrypted. Maybe there's a conflict with the full-disc encryption and OA saving settings, but that's a complete shot in the dark, and I really have no reason to believe this other than a hunch.

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Did the problem start occurring after an update to Online Armor or some other event you can pinpoint?  Are the programs marked as trusted in the Program's list?

It's my own stupid fault I think, I must have accidentally clicked the forget unknown programs at reboot setting. I was going through the settings today and saw this, but I didn't even know that I could do that. I have no idea when/how I activated it.

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