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Pop Ups while installing the latest MS Updates

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I'm updating my laptop right now with the latest MS Updates that were released this past week. This laptop is running Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64 and it required 16 patches. During the installation OA started giving me one pop up right after the other. I initially allowed all the pop ups I saw, but I noticed that some of these pop ups looked like the same pop ups in reference to the same items I had just recently allowed. I was getting the same pop ups over and over again. The MS Updates installation became so frustrating that I changed the firewall setting to learning mode in order to complete the installation. The pop ups only gave me the option to allow or block. There was no option to check off to remember my answer.

After completing the installation and restarting the PC, as required to complete the MS Updates installation, I turned off learning mode. Everything is working well right now. But i'm wondering should the firewall be change to learning mode or some other setting for MS updates? I did not have any issues when I did the updates yesterday in my XP Pro SP3 PC. Also I have not had any issues on this laptop with other small updates, such as for Windows Defender.


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I don't see that option. Under option/firewall I have the following items check off:

Automatically allow trusted programs to access the internet, new network discovery, lookup external IP address & intercept loopback interface.

Could this be under programs/option?

I'm going to post some screen shots shortly.

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