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Can't Update Online Armor ++

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I'm having trouble updating Online Armor ++ on our home computers.

The antivirus updates fine.

But the product update will read: Last update: In progress. File 30 of 90.

And then everything stops.

If I let it hang long enough, I eventually get a pop-up that says the file is corrupt.

It doesn't always stop at File 30. That's just the farthest I've gotten on the desktop computer.

When I try again, it will get to a different file and stop.

It seems to be at random.

The same thing is happening with one of the laptops I've tried.

I'm running Windows XP SP3 on the desktop, Windows 7, SP1 on the laptop.

Both with Online Armor ++.

The version on the desktop is I don't have the laptop open to check.

Perhaps the versions I'm updating are so old that it's too big of a leap.

What do you suggest?


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