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Inactive but license is valid


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Ref: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/6803-activation-problem/page__view__findpost__p__40624

Nice video. I might start doing that, too. Wrapping up screenshots is getting tedious.

Here's the workaround suggested by Christian in response to my Support-Ticket:

First please check your Windows system date and time settings. If they are ok try this steps.

1. Please open the Anti-Malware mainscreen on your PC, press "Configuration" ->

tab "License". Then press "Change License" and select "Freeware Mode". Press "Next".

2. Is the freeware mode working open the Anti-Malware mainscreen on your PC again, press "Configuration" ->

tab "License". Then press "Change License" and select "I have a licensekey". Type in your licensekey. Press "Next".

Also be sure the Anti-Malware processes a2wizard.exe, a2guard.exe, a2start.exe and a2service.exe are allowed in your firewall to access the internet.

This should solve the issue.

I'm holding off on the Change License routine as I'm thinking it's some server-side glitch.

There was already an a2service rule for port 80 TCP outbound in my OAP rules and so I created one each of the same for the others. I sent an inquiry via my Support-Ticket if any of those process require UDP, other ports or inbound in addtion.


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