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AdMuncher not working with OA Premium

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Recently took up the Emsisoft Deal of Antimalware and AD Muncher, being an existing OA Premium and ++ user.

AD muncher however wont filter with OA enabled if i shutdown OA all is fine or if i exclude my browser IE9 in OA Ad Muncher filters ok.

But i would rather not Exclude my browser from OA and i have my browser with permanant run safe enabled within OA

is there any other fix for AD muncher without excluding it with OA ?

system if win 7 x64 all MS updates, all software OA, Antimalware and AD muncher are the latest versions.


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Hi Tony,

Have you seen this thread http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/6617-ad-muncher-issue/ in the EAM section about this? One of the developers explains the cause of the problem suggests that the browser be excluded from either OA or EAM and gives instructions on how to do this in EAM in this post http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/6617-ad-muncher-issue/page__view__findpost__p__39149 If you exclude the browser in EAM, you shouldn't need to exclude it in OA so you can still use the RunSafer feature.

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HI Catprincess,

Thank you for the links, I have been excluding Admuncher from OA, but never tried with Antimalware.

This doesnt make a lot of sense but Ad muncher is filtering fine now !!

I ran the PC back a couple of months via my 3 monthly full image,updated windows restored data etc and updated OA (version on the image was older) Installed Antimalware and updated, installed AdMuncher in this order with OA program guard switched off (mainly due to the windows updates)

and now its working fine without having to add any exclusions in either OA or Antimalware, strange but has been working fine for the last couple of hours and multiple reboots. Program guard is once again enabled and both Antimlware and Admuncher trusted.

if this changes i will report back, thanks for your help


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