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From OAPremium to OA Free questions


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Quick question here:

My license will expire tomorrow for OA Premium and I plan to use OA free in the meantime for about a month before using getting a license again. Will I need to uninstall OA Premium? Or will I leave it at that?

What happens with my installation? Really do not remember the differences between OA free and Premium since I have always used the Premium.

Will I still able to block an application from using another application in Programs>Advance options>Start Application...?

What happens to the exclusions if I leave the current set-up? I seem to remember that it will "revert to the free version" but have not been able to do so as I always get another license.

How about File/Registry Protection?

Can someone fill me in please...

Thank you ;)

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It should just remain as OA Premium even when the license expires. Just without further product updates. Signature updates I'm not entirely sure about - it may depend on what version of OA you have installed. In the latest release version, threat database updates for the digital signature whitelist and blacklist are available for OA free so in that case I guess they'd also continue with an expired Premium license, but I'm not certain.

File and Registry Protection isn't available in OA Free.

The ability to block an application from using another application in the Program's Advanced Options is limited in OA Free (you can only toggle the "Start applications" option between Allow and Block; it's not possible to configure the setting only for specific applications).

Exclusions work the same in all editions of OA.

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Hello catprincess,

Sorry for the late reply...you know it's the season for Johnny Black :)

In the first few days it remained as OA Premium but today after some inactivity with this pc I was surprised that it changed to the free version. See image attached.


I noticed one thing with the free version, applications take along time to launch unlike when I was with OA Premium. Almost all that I launch gets somewhat clogged or something..Firefox 8 (in Sandboxie) went to "Not Responding" twice when I was downloading through FreeDownload manager(FDM).

Rendering is slow..darn slow...is there a workaround for this...? I am tempted to remove it entirely seems like version 3 or 4....

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