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bug in white-listing area

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Basically, it is not a major bug as far as I can see it currently, but still…

You’ve created an entry in the whitelist. It could be malware or trace name/file/folder/process

When the user returns to the whitelist he/she can easily (deliberately or accidentally) edit the Type, say from malware name to folder or whatever is in the list currently. After that the only option is pressing OK.

No check is performed by the Software.

It seems like the Scanner/File Guard/BB check-boxes settings will prevail

Unfortunately I don’t have time at the moment in order to find whether there could be any bad implications that we cannot see yet, but in any case I find the described as being a design flaw. It’s at least misleading & confusing

{added} Then, the content of the Item column can be edited without any check by the Software, therefore non-existent items can be created

My regards

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