will not conect to install

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I hope that everyone had a great Christmas!!!

I am trying to install on my laptop and when i click next to verify the account key it tells me to check internet connection or contact support. i am online as i am posting this using the same computer. I have disabled the firewall and that made no difference.

I am running win7 64 bit

Kaspersky 2012

Thanks ahead of time for all of y'alls assistance with this matter.

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Before the fire i used both programs together and they worked great. I never had any problems whatsoever. My only problem now is that the installer will not connect to the internet.

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hello! happy new year to all... i am experiencing the same situation with xcntrk, could you guys advise me wat to do? @xcntrk how did you fix the situation? i should activate my license bfore year end... need help asap....

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