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EAM scan hanged on legit file

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1st, Happy New Year 2 everybody!

{XP Pro; SP3 32bit; EAM v6.0.0.52 beta}

EAM scheduled scan was performed today & got stuck forever on System.Device.ni.dll, (immage attached), which belongs to Microsoft® .NET Framework

Recent updates for .NET(s) were issued by MS today (consider offset time zone)

I'd just closed EAM & carried on with my work ... sure that is a bug

To devs: please tell if any additional info required


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Today similar hanging appeared during scanning drive G:

I had to stop the scan

This time it was simple <>.Doc file. Nothing wrong reported when the said file was re-scanned later using Shell Extension

Image Attached. Please do not pay attention to FP note – that was prepared for different request

My regards

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Hi francois,

1st , as far as I know from your reply here you’ve upgraded to 0.54 already ;)

I’m not sure what the developers have done, but the news from here:

I’m using Scheduled (Smart Scan) very rarely (basically for the testing purposes) & I practically never Custom scanning drive G: (purely my data partition) , but since the described abnormalities occurred I’ve tested few times with 0.53 beta, and today after reading your post here with 0.54 beta

All went fine without a hitch


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Hello guys!

{XP Pro, SP3; EAM 6.0.0 56 beta}

There were several reports in addition to this one regarding hanging scans including the answer from the developers http://support.emsis...dpost__p__42114

I performed several Scheduled Scans in a row today using new beta (0.56), because unfortunately hangings were reintroduced after my last report and successful runs with previous betas (starting from 0.53).

I do have images but they may not help a lot.

I may just mention that the progress shown is usually 85-90% (6 of 6 stages).

The only suspicion I have currently after running 5 consecutive Scheduled Scans – the scan will most likely stall forever after PC went into Sleep Mode and then being waken up (2 cases).

During the other 3 tests I was keeping PC active & the same scans ended perfectly.

My regards

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