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Hi Guys,

{XP Pro; SP3; EAM v6.0.0.52 beta}

I was performing Custom Scan of USB Stick. See attached settings screen.

All of a sudden EAM “jumped over” drive G:\ (partition on a second physical hard drive)

The scan eventually hanged (I posted into another thread),

but the question here - why would EAM even consider scanning another drive, when it’s not stated in Custom settings?

My regards

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Because those locations could be included implicitly by one of the "Scan Objects" options. If an application is running from G: for example and you said EAM should scan processes the processes running from G: are included as well even if you didn't select it as a location to scan. Same is true for the Traces and Rootkit scan. So unless EAM suddenly switched to G: in the middle of an actual file/folder only scan (with all Scan Objects options disabled) everything is ok.

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Thanks Fabian,

Sorry for the delayed answer

I know about scanning process (es), on a “different” drive. Say, I do have one usually running from D:\, but that triggers scanning just that executable from D:\ which is not included into the Custom Scan – not the whole D: drive

Additionally there are no processes running from G: (purely data partition)

As for Traces I was always sure that only Registry scan is involved. I’ve never noticed scanning files. Traces could be found whether associated files exist or not.

I don’t know details about Rootkit scan

Anyway, good news is -I re-tested the same Custom Scan with the new version (0.53 beta) and all possible combinations of the “Objects” options.

All went well without even touching, not saying scanning whole G: drive

My regards

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