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EAM 6 and AV programs

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Hello vavidiso_73,

EAM and OA should work correctly in combination with Microsoft Security Essentials.

As I could say there are no knows issues regarding Panda and Webroot Internet Security.

At the moment there is a known issue regarding OA's Banking Mode and other anti-virus applications that use proxies for content filtering.

Basically it is possible to run one anti-malware program along side another one (e.g. see running along side another anti malware).

As you may know, OA and EAM together already forms a security package which fully protects your computer (-> Antivirus, Anti-Malware and Firewall).

So it's may not really necessary to install another security program.

Keep in mind that overloading your computer with defense programs could slow it down.

Also it stays a risk of incompatibilities between the programs all the time.

Hope this information helps.

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