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OAP Domains "Blocked" Failure

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I've been trying to tame google's influence on my surfing especially by limiting the amount of connecticvity to their 1e100 network. However, it's now become so pervasive that on even the most simplest of Web sites, 80-90% of the usual 20-75 outbound port 80 connections go to any of a number of whatever.1e100.net servers. And that's even if one culprit, Safe Browsing, is disabled in Firefox and Chrome.

I thought I would see what the results would be if I blocked all connectivity to that network using OAP Domains.

Except that OAP isn't blocking it. See the side-by-side screenshot; the window on the left is Sysinternals' TCPView for Firefox port 80 outbounds. Just to be sure, pings to that 1e100 subdomain were successful.

This is with Ignore Online Armor Domains List enabled (checked) under the Domains Options tab.

This is on my XP box.

What is it that I'm missing here? Thank you.

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This was an exercise in "what if?" A wholesale global block of such a pervasive network was not my goal as it would be as detrimental as blocking Akamai or Amazon servers.

I've managed to muzzle some of google's unecessary 1e100 psychosis on my system by some carefully targeted rules in Adblock Plus.

But if a reboot or service toggle is necessary to kick start a new Blocked entry in Domains, that needs a redesign.

If I have the time, I'll play with another Blocked network and a reboot and post up here. Otherwise the information I presented in #1 above for that instance is clear evidence the issue exists.

But as a matter of curiosity: Is there something a little less involved than a system reboot? Like restarting the service (OAsrv.exe)?


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I didn't say it was necessary to reboot for a domain block to come into effect. I was considering only the problem at hand and therefore asking questions with troubleshooting it in mind. It's possible if a connection to that domain was already present when the block was made, that it wouldn't be dropped immediately and may only be blocked upon the next connection attempt after rebooting. Again, I'm not saying this is necessarily the case. It was only a question to gather further information on the issue. I don't have persistent connections to those domains here but the domains I do block seem to work properly.

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