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Usage "Blitzblank.exe"


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in the anti malware folder i found the "Blitzblank.exe".

I can handle controls but i am not sure how to handle exactly.

I think there are good options to make it more secure.

Can you explain about backup,dummy and move,copy,delete pls ?

# DeleteFile: [ReplaceWithDummy]

# MoveFile: [ReplaceWithDummy]

# DeleteFolder: [ReplaceWithDummy]

# MoveFolder: [ReplaceWithDummy]

# DeleteRegKey: [ReplaceWithDummy] [backup]

# DeleteRegValue: [ReplaceWithDummy] [backup]

# DisableDriver: [backup]

# Execute:

Thanks HEMAK

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Blitzblank is intended to be used by professionals only in case there are files or registry entries on the system that can't be removed by normal means. You can't make your system more secure by using it. In fact, if you don't know exactly what you are doing, you will more than likely damage your system. So I would suggest to stay away from it.

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