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Can Mamutu be a bit more specific with it's alerts?

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Hello. I would like to get a bit more details about some alerts mamutu shows, can it be done?

For example:

Application is trying to inject code to other applications - What other application(s) exactly (path)?

Program is editing (patching) other executable files - (again) what other executables exactly?

Program is installing something invisibly - what exactly is it installing? (list of files?)

Installation of services and drives - What services \ drivers are being installed exactly?

Mofifying startup areas - What start-up area is being modified and what entry exactly is being added?

Changing hosts file - what entries are being added \ deleted?

Browser setting changes - what setting(s) are being changed exactly?

System's group policy changes - what group policy exacly is being changed? to what (on \ off) ?

Application is trying to silently send something to the internet - on what adress, port?

This additional info can be added to "Details" tab and I think can help some people differentiate dangerous programs from just suspicious (for mamutu).

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There are plans to provide a few more information. It will never be in as much detail as you suggested though primarily because people will be confused by it. If you prefer a more HIPS style approach you may want to take a look at Online Armor that provides a lot of the details you asked for.

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