trouble renewing - shopping cart always empty

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Once again, I'm having trouble renewing my license (this has been a constant problem since you acquired Online Armor from Tall Emu... everything always worked perfectly until then).

At any rate, my license for Online Armor AV+ expires soon. I followed the link from the email, selected everything appropriately but when I click the buy now button I am presented with a shopping cart page which says my cart is empty.

So I logged on to your site directly, selected the expiring license, etc and clicked the buy now button... and got the same result.

I am running Win7. My browser is Firefox 9 w/the NoScript extension but I do have all of the pages from your sites whitelisted.

It is all most frustrating (again).

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Hello adealey,

I'am sorry to hear that you encounter similar problems for the second time.

I have just tried to reproduce the problem you experience with Win7 x86 and the latest Firefox with the NoScript extension.

"Unfortunately" it worked for me to view the shopping cart without problems.

I will try to find a solution for your problem with my colleagues and report you as soon as possible.

How much time is left till your license will be expired ? Do you have Windows 7 32 bit or the 64 bit version ?

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Hello adealey,

the problem in your case is, that OA++ is not available anymore since 1st of Jan 2012.

You can convert your license without any additional costs to a license for the Emsisoft Internet Security Pack.

Please send your key to support (AT) emsisoft (DOT) com and ask for conversion.

Sorry for the circumstances again.

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