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Emsisoft AntiMalware is active, yet Windows says Antivirus is OFF

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I recently installed Emsisoft AntiMalware and OA premium on my computer. All was well, until today when my Windows alerts went off.

It says that I have two antivirus installed Returnil System Safe, and Emsisoft. (I have Returnil's antivirus disabled in case anyone wonders, because I do know that two AVs can cause complications).

I am confused why my windows started saying this today. When I click on the alert, it gives me the option to "turn ON one of the AVs" but when I press turn on, it simply opens up Emsisofts GUI, and that is it. The warning does not go away.

Emsisoft is definitely on.

Here is a snip (I did not embedd in case there are rules against that in this forum):


Any help would be much appreciated,


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