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2 buttons in scan window

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Hi ChAK, and welcome to the forum

The 1st "dislocated buttons" image that you showed was reported before

I have to find the link and post it here

That developers know and that will be fixed

The 2nd one that you just added is a new one I never saw that before

I am sure developers will look at that

{added} Yes, I found the case - that was reported by H_D here

Thanks for reporting

P.S. Program's GUI looks nice in Russian though ;)

... and don't worry about the English. PM me in Russian if you find the request very complicated... but I'm sure you will be fine posting in English

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I deliberately added new post in addition to the above regarding the detections

(3 flaggings in C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386 )

1) I don't have those detections

2) please create new thread regarding the matter

3) submit the files from the detection list to EMSI developers for analysis

(rather update a2; rescan and submit if there are flaggings)

4) when posting request please provide information about your system as in Forum Posting Rules #2)

My regards

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