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Is online armor not safe?(according to mcafee siteadvisor)

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yes, that is a false positive.

one reason for this can perhaps be that McAfee also have security-programs to sell...

McAfee siteadvisor cant´t be trusted regarding safe / unsafe websites, i have seen weird recommendations before....

that is the "old" Online-Armor website.

but it´s (still) safe to download from.

the new "home" for Online-Armor is at Emsisoft.com, so you can also download Online Armor directly from Emsisoft.

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Actually mcafee siteadvisor says that online-armor.com has 7 red downloads. Is that a false positive?

Aside from false positives (which this most certainly is) if you look at the detailed information on all of the entries on McAfee's site for online-armor.com, you'll notice that all of the names of the downloads are very old and appear to be from a time when the different editions of OA had separate installers.

Looking at the registry entries and folders created, you can see in that information that their entries are for very old versions of OA (the version number is listed there). The file name for an OA installer these days is "OnlineArmorSetup.exe", not any of the names listed there. You can also see at the very bottom of their detailed information that the download was analysed in 2009. It appears their information is badly outdated.

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