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if it´s in your "Block list" then it´s normal to get a notification if some program in your computer tries to connect to that website, if your settings are to get notified.

you can change your notifications about websites, fx. personally i have "Block silently" for all advertising sites.

sorry, but i can´t tell you exactly where those settings are right now, because i´m using another computer at the moment, without EAM....

but i will be using my own laptop in about 30 mins, so i´ll be back a bit later with detailed info.

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So what your telling me is that some program in my computer is trying to communicate with www.instantchess ?

Could this possibly be a trojan not detected by anti-malware?

yes, since you get a popup, "something" is trying to connect to that website.

in your first post above you said: "Everytime i connect to the internet i get a popup..."

exactly what do you mean, do you have your browser or any other program running so it opens the connection ?

or does it also happens without any program running, when you open a connection "manually" by fx. clicking on the taskbar-icon ?

i´m using my own computer now, so i checked where you can change the notifications, it´s under "Guard" →"Surf Protection".

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