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Emsisoft Online Armor Firewall released

Fabian Wosar

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The following innovations make Online Armor 5.5 our best firewall ever:

  • Integration of Anti-Malware Network:
    Unknown programs are immediately cross-checked against the cloud. The Online Database contains around 4 million entries and relies on the intelligence of the cloud. Programs considered harmless are automatically permitted, while annoying pop-up windows and alerts are omitted. So you can totally focus on your work!
  • New cloud-based scan:
    Our cloud scan, already used in Emsisoft MalAware, has been included in Online Armor. Even if there is no record of a file in the Anti-Malware Network, more than 7 million signatures mean that malware can be recognized reliably to keep your PC safe.
  • Improved license and update system:
    Software updates are downloaded and installed way quicker. Moreover, Online Armor relies on the license system used for other Emsisoft products. Access our Customer Center to find and manage the licenses for all your Emsisoft products in one place. Your Online Armor license key will be automatically transferred to the new system as soon as you use version 5.5 for the first time. Unnecessary key resets when reinstalling your OS are a thing of the past.
  • New pricing system rewards your loyalty:
    The 1-year license is 25 % cheaper if renewed once the initial 1-year period has expired and will be a further 5 % cheaper for every additional year you renew it. Long-term customers can thus benefit from discounts of up to 50 %.
  • Fine tuning:
    We have added news popups that keep you up to date with the latest Emsisoft news and fixed several potential incompatibilites, e.g. in combination with Ad Muncher or WinCrypt. As well as countless minor changes for improved user experience and best protection.

To get the latest version, just run an online update or alternatively uninstall and reinstall the latest setup package from the official Emsisoft Online Armor product page.

If you are using Online Armor FREE earlier than 5.0, please uninstall this version and download the new one.

Introductory offer: Pack of 3 for the price of 1 = 45 % discount!

Limited offer until February 14th, 2012: Buy a 1-year license now for Emsisoft Online Armor Firewall for 3 PCs at a special price: Instead of US $73.- only US $40.-. Buy here

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Sorry Creer it was early this morning when I replied to your post.

No changlog as such at the moment as far as I am aware. I believe the main change was to address Chromium-based browsers being unable to download anything when running sandboxed.

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Could someone elaborate on the Cloud features of the new OA?

Are only Programs/Installers scanned; or does it work more like an AV cloud, scanning all files while browsing?

Cloud queries are performed before an executable file is about to be executed as well as during the SCW. There is no way to scan arbitrary files or entire drives like many Cloud AVs offer.

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Fast Question  From newbii   happy.png


Is this related to Emsisoft Internet security ?  if so  will it update automatically  or do i need to do something ?


and what is the Difference between this Firewall and Emsisoft security Firewall ?


many thanks

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