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After 4 hours only 50% scan completed

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Hi gfotwins1995, and welcome to the forum.

There could be many reasons :

First please provide information about your system as in Forum Posting Rules #2)

could be indeed physical disk problem (ran Chkdsk );

could be conflict with other Software (usually your Antivirus)

First disable real-time resident of the AV, if any

There are several discussions and suggestions in our old forum.

We can provide links or you can search with “freez”; "hanging" etc. keywords or alike

You can try disabling archives scanning. Create Custom Scan and uncheck archives.

You may look at the area. If it's freezing on particular folder/file. Custom Scan that folder.

But first thing first... tell us about your System Environment

Well, I said almost everything anyway … after all :)

My regards

p.s. Cookies are harmless and never representing threats (clean them before scanning)

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OS; XP Prof

Service Pack; #3

platform (x86 or x64); I am not on my system right now but I think it is a Pent 4 or better since it is about 3 years old.

other security Software especially those with real-time Guards and other background processes running; MS Essentials, I use Malwarebytes, AdAware, Spybot

Firewall (FW) I had Online Armor but took it off to see what would happen, no change

(some may include HIPS module & alike); etc.

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Hi gfotwins1995,

Thanks for reply and additional info.

If you are saying the scan doesn’t hang but just running slow it could be the performance of the old Pentium.

The amount of RAM matters too. Say, in the past archives were uncompressed and analyzed in the temporary folder, now that mainly performed in memory.

The available temporary disc space is important anyway and sure it may happen that Virtual memory is not set to its optimum.

Defragmentation usually helps as well.

As for real-time backgrounds, it is not clear whether the MSE is the only one and others you mentioned are on-demand.

I am not very familiar with MSE, there were no negative reports yet in conjunction with a-squared.

How other similar full scans would run?

Sure SpyBot is not the thing to compare because from my experience currently its scanning is considerably slower than anything I’ve tried.

From the experiences of the past with old PCs with 256-512MB of RAM the first symptom of lower performance was very slow startup of a2. It could take 30sec instead of 2.5-3sec here now.

You may review and disable backgrounds. You may test the scan in Safe Mode in order to eliminate “spare components”

I would still suggest checking disk and defragment before any experiment

My regards

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