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Online Armor slowing PC down drastically

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Hi guys,

As a new user I'm experiencing a drastic slowdown of almost all processes since I activated OA. Startup and close down times are extended and what's more aggravating is that on opening programs there is always a delay (sometimes minutes) before they activate. Whilst I appreciate the level of protection that OA provides it does seem to be too invasive. As a pro photographer my workflow is reasonably streamlined but if I want to open Photoshop or print out from Photoshop to an HP printer then the pc hangs minutes long before the programs fire into action. Because of this I want to disable program protection but cannot find any way to do this in the OA status window. Can anybody help on this issue?

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Hi laudel,

Which version and build of OA are you using?

In the programs window of the GUI are the programs that you are wanting to use listed as trusted and green in colour?

Also are you using zone alarm firewall at the same time?

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You will probably find that disabling Zone Alarm firewall is not enough. Only one firewall is recommended to be installed at any one time. This applies for all firewalls (apart from Windows firewall which gets turned off when a third party firewall is installed)

Just disabling a firewall means the drivers for it are still installed and can cause conflicts.

Decision time for you I'm afraid laudel.

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