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Hosts File: Is It Okay To Just Disable?

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With DNS, IP / Website screening etc is there any problem with just disabling the hosts file?

(One can easily enable or disable via programs such as HostsMan.)

For some reason it seems that OA runs better when I disable the hosts file. I still have protection through Firefox add-ons (adblock plus etc), DNS and other 3rd party anti-malware. (See my signature.)

Thanks for your thoughts.  I couldn't seem to find a definitive answer on the net and figured I'd go to a more trusted source of information.

(I am running Windows XP Pro SP3.)

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Whether or not you use a HOSTS file for protection is entirely up to you. It's just another layer of optional security, and is not required.

I do recommend supplementing with a browser extension such as Web Of Trust, however I tend to recommend that regardless of whether or not you use a HOSTS file. ;)

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