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Domains: "Ignore Online Armor's Domain List"


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Since Arthur so quickly answered my "Hosts File" question, I'll take a shot and see if I get lucky going two for two.

I am aware through this site and Sandboxie's forum that the Web Shield does not function properly when the browser is run under the supervision of Sandboxie. I fully understand and accept the limitation. If it gets "fixed" in the future, even better.

As a result of that limitation I have checked the box to "ignore OA's domain list" since I always browse via Sandboxie and have other protections in place for browsing (per my signature, DNS and browser extensions).

I keep the Web Shield enabled (even understanding the limitations I stated above) in hopes that I'll be:

1. Protected by the Web Shield when I have to start the browser outside of Sandboxie...such as in the case of updates and the like.

2. BITS job protection

Am I correct that "ignoring OA's domains list" will not prevent the protection in 1 and 2?

Is the "domains list" just a whitelist (similar to a hosts list) of sites that OA has deemed safe?

Thanks in advance for the help and any recommendations (if any).

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Online Armor's Web Shield provides three forms of protection:

  1. It uses DNS Checking to make sure that when you visit a financial, or other important domain that you are taken to the domain you expect and not a fraudulent one.
  2. It allows you to block your computer from making any connections to undesired domains (for example, you could use it to block access to sites you don't want people going to on your computer)
  3. It monitors for unknown BITS jobs.

Ticking "Ignore Online Armor domains list" doesn't disable any of these features. All it does it configure OA not to use the internal list of known Trusted domains. The only noticeable effect you might see would be that you might be prompted for known safe BITS jobs that you otherwise wouldn't be asked about. Also, if your bank or other financial site happens to already be on the internal list and you have disabled this option, you may have to learn it manually rather than it just working automatically in Banking mode. Of course, domains on the internal list would not be DNS checked if this option is disabled but in general that would have little impact on security since sites that are important to you for financial reasons etc, you'd likely set up as Trusted or Protected yourself.

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Hi Cat, thanks as always.

You and I experimented in the past and determined that #2 doesn't work when the browser is opened with Sandboxie. (We used a website you provided for testing.)

I'm guessing that #3 would be performed outside of the sandbox so it shouldn't be an issue with Sandboxie.

Do you have any idea whether #1 works in concert with Sandboxie or is it just safer to assume that none of the Web Shield features work with Sandboxie?

(I do know that "Banking Mode" works with Sandboxie...but I believe you once explained to me that it is not dependent on the Web Shield for it to be operational.)

Thanks for any additional info you can share, Cat.

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