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Can't Start File Guard

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I had been running EAM Free for some time and today installed a one year license into the "free" version.

The license was accepted and everything seems to be good in terms of automatic updates, Surf Protection, Behavior Blocker all being able to be turned on or off.

However, for some reason I cannot get File Guard to go on. When I click it..it seems to go on for a fraction of a second and then go off.

Can you give me suggestions as to what I should do?

I am running XP Pro SP3, OA Premium and the apps in my sig.

At one time (early on while running EAM Free, I blocked the three a2 services from auto-starting within OA. However, I have enabled them all and rebooted a few times and still File Guard will not start. I can't find anything which is blocked. (I can auto download updates and scan on demand.)

a2 guard, service and start are running in task manager.

Your assistance is appreciated.

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No good, Arthur. After I rebooted I got a "memory could not be written" alert on my desktop for one of the processes but I couldn't capture an image properly.

Any thoughts? Do I need to uninstall and reinstall or any other ideas?

HMP was not running though WinPatrol Plus was. However EAM is allowed to start etc.

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Do I need to use any special removal tools? Or just normal uninstall and then reinstall?

You can try running Emsiclean after you do a normal uninstall, just make sure not to remove the main program directory unless you know that there's nothing else in there that you don't want to lose.

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