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System wants to access Internet

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Suddenly I got this pop up in OA Premium that System (Protocol:RAW) wants to access the Internet. What exactly is this System? For svchost or any other program I can see the location and type (e.g. exe), but this is just system with no exe file mentioned. And why does it suddenly want to access Internet? Shall I allow or keep it blocked?

Additional details:

Win Vista SP2, OA Premium

System requests: Once port 445, other times none, no destination IP (not even local host, protocol:RAW

I have "intercept loopback interface" & "enable active subnet scan" ticked.


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System is a legitimate Windows process. Generally a firewall rule is created for it during Learning mode (though it may request ICMP and RAW at a later time as needed). My "System" rule here is Allowed both ICMP and RAW.

On this page http://www.emsisoft....Protocols.shtml of the webhelp (it's also present in the local help included with the program), RAW and ICMP are explained as:

  • RAW - Any IP (Internet Protocol) other than TCP or UDP is known as a RAW protocol. The RAW protocol allows programs to send and receive packets directly without relying on TCP or UDP. The RAW protocol is the default print protocol for most print devices. Diagnostic tools may also use the RAW protocol to access IP directly.
  • ICMP – ICMP stands for Internet Control Message Protocol, and is a special type of RAW protocol used for sending small control messages between computers and reporting errors. Computers use ICMP to do things like sending one small packet to another computer to make sure that the other system is available and can be reached.

Edit: It's normal that you won't see a location or a file extension for the System process.

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