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Which Windows programs to keep on allow list

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Learning mode picked up the following:

lsass.exe, services.exe, svchost.exe and wininit.exe. I know I need to allow svchost.exe. What about the rest? Can I block them or will that stop my Internet access at some point, even if not immediately?

Also why do they need incoming connections as picked up by learning mode? Is there any way to stop incoming connections (like default deny all incoming connections) other than select Protocol: BOTH, Deny: INBOUND, Add ports: 0-65535 for each program?

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Instead of selecting a specific program, you can create a rule that blocks inbound for "All Programs" if that's what you are looking to do. Be aware though that if you do this, all incoming connections will be blocked silently and you will have to check the Firewall log window if you want to see if anything has been blocked. Doing so may also result in programs (or possibly your internet connection) not working correctly if they require an inbound connection.

The same applies for the various processes you mention. You may be able to block them from internet access without problems, or you may not. What will work okay for one person's setup may not be a good choice for someone else's. Most likely you'd have to experiment and see what works for you.

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