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Recently had to go back to base OS and found OA was blocking downloading new programs so put it into Learning mode and redonwloaded - ok then.

But now it continually finds that my Avast Free Edition Anti Virus 6.0.1367 bin file is suspect every day when it downloads updates.

Also Super Anti Spyware updates daily and it does the same Version 5..0.1144 Pro

Lastly it loaths Internet Download manager every time I load Firefox or it downloads up comes alerts on most of its files.

It always did dislike IDM before I had to do a recovery which was caused by IE8 downloading more than once and into same file.

so what I have had to do as cant stop all the time to stop alerts but do want alerts for nasty things I dont know about or programs acting out of character etc - is to put the whole program file of each in exclusions and hope that is the way to deal as the actual file on OA cant get it for clipboard and clupboard when you right click is greyed out.

Running Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 - 32 bit - now fully patched over several days

together with

SAS www.sas.com/

Avast www.avast.com/

Win Patrol Pro www.winpatrol.com/

Spyware Blaster www.javacoolsoftware.com/spywareblaster.html

& Internet Dowmload Manager www.internetdownloadmanager.com/

Out of all of these programs OA dislikes IDM the most evry time it updates to a new version we go throught the whole thing over again on every file asking if I allow it not just once but over and over again.

I have clicked yes to sending back infio on what I do - and thought this must eventually be accepted as bona fide on these programs as many thousands must use them.

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Are you running the latest version of OA,

For Avast and SuperAntiSpyware, it would be best to exclude them from OA as you have done. Excluding your security programs from each other allows them to run smoothly without interfering with each other.

As far as IDM, have you checked the Program's list to make sure all entries related to it are trusted (highlighted green)? It may also help if you could post a screenshot example of one of the popups you are seeing for this program so we can take a closer look at the details. You should be able to copy the History entry also, if you left click the entry first, then right click it (the "Copy to clipboard" option should now be available).

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