Domain blocking doesn't work

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I have been using OA Premium for last 3 years. Everything has been working perfect. Suddenly after the quite a few things seem to be broken.

1. Block all network trafic malfunctions. My dialer still can connect to the Net, though browser can't connect to sites. Earlier even dialer couldn't connect to the Net.

2. Blocked domains just do not work, with/without *, even mentioning full top level domains. Again earlier this used to work perfectly. Only way to block is blocking by IP.

The only change in my system is the replacement of Avira Antivir with Emsisoft Antimalware.

No exclusions in any product. Win Vista SP2.

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Thanks. Yes i am aware and no it is happenng outside the sandbox. The first one worries me the most and it is just after system start, no sandbox or any virtualization involved.

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Please start a separate thread about the "block all network traffic" issue as per the ToS guidelines on one issue per thread and I will adjust the title of this one.

About the domain blocking issue, does it occur with all browsers? It may help if you can provide a list of any other security programs you might be running, what browser you are seeing the blocking failure with, and whether Web Shield is showing up as on on the Status page.

Also bear in mind that you may need to clear your browser cache before visiting a blocked site if you've previously been to it, otherwise it can be loaded from the local cache.

Since you noted that the problem began after using, I'm wondering if this was clean install or an automatic update from a previous version?

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