Does Mamutu have a conflict with Avira Antivir 2012?

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I've been using Mamutu for many months, and it co-exists peacefully with Avira Antivir Free and Malwarebytes. When installing any new software download I have to disable Mamutu until the installation is complete on Vista 32-bit, but that's not a problem.

Unfortunately, that step of disabling Mamutu doesn't work for the new Avira Antivir 2012 Edition. The Avira installer wants me to uninstall Mamutu before it installs the new version of Avira Antivir.

Now what do I do?

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I use Avira IS & Mamutu. Mamutu is what is missing avira. Read my post.

People are still quite uninformed, and install two or three AV together. Disaster!

Most AV's decided before installation, scan a PC and see if there is other AV solutions. Unfortunately, on this list are those that should not be.

The same case is with all other solutions, as ThreatFire or HIPS solutions.

Ignore warning!! just continue with installation. Avira and Mamutu work perfectly.

Why disable Mamutu when install new software? You have exclude from protection mode!

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