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For Online Armor Free, when I click "update now" in "configuration" it says "in progress" and then goes back to "update now" without updating.

I want to update because online armor keeps bringing up programs to accept that I have already accepted before. Most recently it brought up our antivirus program, avast, to reaccept. We had this problem in the past and were told to update online armor.

The version # is The last update was June 20, 2011.

We're running windows xp sp3. We have Avast antivirus.

Also installed on the computer:


malwarebytes antimalware



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The latest version of OA is You should update your old version by either downloading the new version from here


and installing it over the top of the one you have, or uninstall your version, reboot twice, and do a fresh install.

By the way you say you use Avast, but you also list Eset.

Eset also has an antivirus are you running both Avast and Eset together? If so it is not a good thing to run 2 antivirus at the same time.

Also Eset if you run the Internet Security version has a firewall. Do you run this as well as OA firewall?

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Eset is the "online scanner". It doesn't seem to be running in real time.

On a different computer, we have spybot search&destroy, and spyware blaster along with eset and avast. I had the impression that the other programs aren't running but am not sure.

Thanks for the help.

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