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Emsisoft official reseller in Indonesia


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Is there any official reseller for Emsisoft products in Indonesia ?

I know about Var Connectz Pte Ltd; but it's located in Singapore :)

And i also know about 63% discount to renew my current EAM license via shop.emsisoft.com...

But i think any official local reseller will be more convenient :)

Thank you.

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Thank you for your request. Var Connectz is our distributor for the region and they have local resellers in Indonesia. Please contact Var Connectz or send me your contact information via email and I will ask our distributor to contact you with a local reseller information.

Contact: Mr. Mervyn Zheng

Phone: 65-6356 9373

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.varconnectz.com

Best regards,

Davlat Aminov, Sales

[email protected]

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Thank you for your fast response Mr. Davlat Aminov :)

I will try to contact Mr. Zheng at varconnectz.

I really hope that Emsisoft have official reseller in Indonesia; because even GFI, Dr. Web, and Norman is here...

The third largest Facebook user in the world :)

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